for a webmaster, the most important thing is to get more traffic and click rate. Then the site is an essential part of the publicity. Propaganda is actually very simple, as long as you promote your website, then it will certainly bring you a part of the flow, but the result is often many webmaster due to various reasons to publicity, leading to their web site does not flow, did not achieve promotion effect. Summed up the status of all sorts of golden Wangzhuan we may in the promotion process will appear. Then one by one to make the appropriate solution for all of us want to help.

the first symptom: blind post. Some people like to post, and then look for a website. When practical began to post, send a feel inappropriate, then find the website resend. A few hours have passed, has not sent a post, let alone dozens of forums.

: an antidote against the disease we can reuse resources, we must first register, and then save it, can be directly hair when the hair after second or third posts.

second symptoms: post did not achieve the results you want!

: an antidote against the disease to solve this problem, you should first consider the following questions. First, their expectations are too high for you to post a message must be realistic. Second. The flow of the target forum is too low? If so, we can change a high flow forum! Third, whether their posts sink? If so, we will immediately put it up. If your posts are still in the first place, but not many people to see, then we have to change a more attractive title. Fourth. Advertising is not too shielded, so that we do not see. If so, we can try to put the ad on the first floor of the two floor, or an ad paste.

third: your symptoms to post is always shoot.

: an antidote against the disease first you see first posting section of the forum, read. Do you think what is not the place where if one plate is banned by the customers, you will quickly withdraw. If not, then you have to revise your soft Wen, try again! You must remember that the success of post to do: content with the current theme of the piece, conform to the requirements of section, advertising part should be hidden in them.

fourth symptoms: post low efficiency

An antidote against the disease

: we can just send the post information stored, and then wait to use it again you can log in directly, there is also advertising to do, as the saying goes, it is perfect, a lot of practice.

fifth symptoms: Post afraid to adhere to.

: I think this is an antidote against the disease are common to most people, is a direct result of the basic factors of post publicity is not successful. This is nothing