lead: previously, a billboard hit down, killed ten people, three were managers. Now hit, ten people, there are three angel investors. In recent years, the angel investment industry is intensive outbreak, the amount of investment angel investment institutions can even comparable to the magnitude of VC investment 10 years ago. In addition to the surge in the number of funds, executives of listed companies, entertainers and other social roles have joined the angels, angel investors are also moving toward multiple roles.

no matter how the angel investment industry changes, its high risk, the low success rate of the essential characteristics still exist, but if the targeting direction, decisive attack, it may also bring high returns. Xu Xiaoping jumei.com, earned an average return of 800 times; the taxi drops angel Wang Gang, 700 thousand investment return of 3 billion 500 million…… But "myth" are in the minority, the majority of angel daily in the risk of a "tightrope" as the judge, a little careless, for it is the result of funds dashuipiao.

because of its high risk, such as tax incentives and other external assistance, gangs of Baotuan investment warm in this circle of extra important, all angels organization, they always appear common figure.

"mountain is not high, there is a fairy name; water is not deep, there are Long Zeling." For angel investors, the investment is not much, there are unicorns win."

"unicorn", is usually defined as the valuation of more than $1 billion for the company, but it is difficult to determine the valuation under the circumstances, the definition of an angel investor is a successful case, there can also be a dimension in his investment company, whether there is at least one can be regarded as "known to every family".

in gold friction ", those from the glint and flash of cold steel" in talent shows itself angel, almost everyone has a "high-profile" case. New NewSeed selects 5 investment case for "fame" angel, a glimpse of its investment experience.

Wang Gang: investment drops taxi 700 thousand return over 5000 times


drops, the Book Valuation of $16 billion, deserved a household name unicorn. Wang Gang drops the initial investment capital of 700 thousand, and the return of more than 5000 times, behind the brim of the harvest, the game is a drama or a combination of kill opponents.

drops all the way, you can tell the story of the competition, the story of capital in terms of Wang Gang’s words is ups and downs, every day is the climax". In this story, the role of competition: shook his trick car, Bumblebee, fast; the management role for BAT. in the six party, fighting each other with a supporting role, Wang Gang sitting in the back seat of Chengwei car, how to sing the play


among them, the battle between the drops and Hornet is particularly fierce. Baidu and fast hornet investment, mergers and acquisitions of olive branches, so that the drop again disturbed, if Baidu investment >