for hunger, each of us will experience, is not a good result, not only to endure the suffering from the spirit, but also to endure the physical hunger, which is crazy emotional input.

products will be hungry


is now the trend of development of some industries, some well-known brand is out of stock shortage caused by the imagination, I remember high school teacher said a interests demand will lead to price increases, the price goes up, businesses will expand production. After the expansion of production is oversupply, prices fell. So the original intention of hunger marketing is to expand the production of the link does not appear.

millet and apple take the same road?

for millet sales form, we can see from the apple mobile phone will be able to go in there, like the apple mobile phone mobile phone millet hunger marketing model, this model in the Apple Corp has just entered the Chinese market, it has clearly demonstrated that it is feasible. The millet company is to see such a success, since apple can go so successful in this way, millet decided not only to take this road, but also out of a different posture.

millet makes you feel hungry,


millet is one of the most successful is the rapid establishment of their fans corps, namely rice, rice can be said to promote the development of millet market is the fundamental driving force.

but the problem, as people want to use mobile phone millet, regardless of whether a person is not really the Rice noodles you use, millet mobile phone? We all know, the mobile phone on the Internet than in panic buying shop to buy a mobile phone is at least 200 yuan, this is people want to cause panic buying millet from the internet. But every time the sale of millet are limited, which means that you do not necessarily buy millet products.

panic buying, you will wait for the next opportunity?


small to panic buying a millet mobile phone, but every time the system is busy, busy in this period of time, panic buying has ended, I think the store to buy, but I think the price is a lot more expensive, so I bought a HUAWEI mobile phone.

HUAWEI and millet on

before HUAWEI has launched glory 3C and other products, the purpose is more likely to touch with millet, is to some Rice noodles do not stand firm, pull to their camp. Now HUAWEI’s new product is almost simultaneously launched with millet, the purpose is to seize the market with millet, HUAWEI do not hunger marketing, but want to millet hunger marketing as a breakthrough to create higher sales.

hunger marketing good and bad

Of course

hunger marketing has substantial benefits, or millet is not performing, it is a hunger marketing strategy, the desire for the product are greatly excited, this is the reason why the enthusiasm decline Rice noodles. The less you get, the more it is human