from October 2012 announced the completion of the 1 WAL-MART Store Holdings began, the founder of the shop No. 1 will just leave rumors. Yesterday, there is news that, just in the recently announced that it will be announced from the 1 shop to leave. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the 1 shop to the Beijing Daily reporter, said the resignation of the news is not true, and said a series of senior executives leave events are also normal personnel changes. But it seems in the industry, the domestic electricity supplier war, shop No. 1 has been at a disadvantage, not only difficult to catch the Jingdong, Alibaba, and, and other brands have been ahead, just out in just a matter of time.

founder out

shop in the 1 through marketing to create various types of sales Guinness record, the founder of the news of the news was just passed away, I’m afraid it will hit a record. Yesterday, there was news that the founder of the shop No. 1 has just been determined to leave, while WAL-MART’s global CEO Dong Minglun (Doug Mcmillon) will probably come to China in the near future, and with the new strategy of shop No. 1.

this message, the relevant person in charge of the 1 shop to the Beijing Daily reporter, said WAL-MART CEO every year in May will come to China and visit the shop No. 1, this is also a regular visit. It is understood that Dong Minglun since November 2013 as president and chief executive officer of WAL-MART, WAL-MART’s president and chief executive officer of the international business. According to the itinerary, Dong Minglun recently held a press conference in Beijing, which is also the world’s president and chief executive officer of WAL-MART, the first time in China, the media exchange with Dong Minglun.

in fact, this is not the first time the No. 1 store denied rumors". From May 2010, after Ping An insurance to enter and occupy 80% of the shares, shop No. 1 was the "bondage" rumors entangled.

lies just behind the rumors, is the recent 1 stores, including CTO Han Jun, vice president of marketing and Cheng Junyi, including several executives have left the facts. Above 1 store official said, they leave because of entrepreneurship and family and other reasons, is a normal personnel changes.

battle behind

Although the

Shop No. 1 still insist on "Jingdong and parity" marketing, but in the industry view, shop No. 1 in the volume and the Jingdong has no comparable, even, has been cut down.

After the completion of the Jingdong in the United States, Ali,

, the number 1 shop still need low-cost impulse to prove its status in the domestic electricity supplier to WAL-MART. In recent years, shop No. 1 began a high-profile marketing, with the impact of Guinness repeatedly to challenge Jingdong sales, low price. In the industry view, No. 1 stores need to prove the status of WAL-MART in the domestic electricity supplier, sales is the most intuitive performance. At present, shop No. 1, Alibaba and Jingdong not only compared with no competitiveness, including, has more than 1 stores. 1 shop in the electricity supplier war has fallen out of the second echelon.

has a traditional retail industry to the Beijing Business Daily reporter said