northeast retail group also began to set foot in the field of electronic business. Yesterday (December 18th), the group held a new business conference in Beijing, officially under the banner of the Tengu network to the front, and the group’s 230 thousand employees will be transformed into electricity supplier "waiter", to create online and offline O2O platform.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, the large business groups in the use of its resources to the advantage of physical stores, a large number of heavyweight buddy, including China UnionPay, Baidu, Coca-Cola, Tencent, Zhou Dafu etc..

senior retail expert Ding Liguo believes that the traditional retail business to do O2O, because the flow of funds and pay the hands of the enterprise on the Internet, so this is a negative factor for traditional retail enterprises.

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according to the reporter, 5 years ago, the group had a large network of online shopping mall, but did not focus on the development of. With the Internet business booming mobile providers, large business groups also tempted.

according to the statistical data of 3965 retail enterprises in the Ministry of Commerce show that the first three quarters of 2014, China’s retail enterprise sales growth of 10.5%, the growth rate dropped 1%, including professional stores, department stores and supermarkets and other traditional formats are increased by 6.7%, 7.1% and 6.6%, the growth rate fell slightly. But the first three quarters of the online retail market reached $1 trillion and 820 billion, the growth rate of nearly 49%.


‘s cattle Steel Group Board of directors said that in today’s rapid development of e-commerce, the traditional retail industry must make a change, a large business group in addition to create online Tengu network, but also create a mobile terminal Tengu network, in order to explore and develop new O2O mode.

Dog Network General Manager Liu Sijun to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the first thought of a large business group is the first to let 230 thousand of all employees involved, the salesperson to gradually develop into the online "waiter", "because the salesperson knows more about the goods, and the use of mobile phone client can provide 24 hours of service, enhance information conversion."

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so, in the field of electricity providers, as a latecomer to the big business group can have a latecomer advantage?

retail industry insiders said that before the big business group is relatively low-key, but in the northeast, it seems to have become invisible king. Public information, big business group was founded in Dalian, was established in 1995, in 2013 the big business group sales exceeded 150 billion yuan, a total of more than more than and 200 large and medium-sized stores in more than 14 cities in the province, the total number of employees 230 thousand.

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group also found a number of heavyweight partners. Yesterday, the big business group and Xinhua new media, China UnionPay, Tencent, Baidu, Coca-Cola, Zhou Dafu and other cooperation agreements signed in all aspects of cooperation >