July 25th Liu Qiangdong, widely circulated speech at CEIBS twenty anniversary special events. In a 1.5 hour speech, Liu Qiangdong commented on IBM, Kodak, SONY, NOKIA, Edward, apple and other brands, but to "friends" comments are not named.

needs the help of Xingyue or lighthouse in the ocean, the compass of aviation, the ups and downs of the sea in the "friends" is the beacon. The analysis of competitors’ gain and loss is a compulsory course for the enterprise. From Liu Qiangdong’s speech just quote a string of numbers, we can see that he had made great efforts to study "Friends of the business".

is a rare good celebration occasions, and every wedding spirit of cool people, Liu Qiangdong’s talkative is inevitable, "brag" is understandable. Then, Liu Qiangdong comments at home and abroad, of which few "friends", which comments in line with the facts, which is Liu in "brag" or unscientific, the friends are in what ways and Jingdong is short or long?

: Liu Qiang East dangdang.com mistakenly said Dangdang only 10 thousand US SKU,

explains what?

Liu Qiangdong referred to a listed company inventory turnover days is 70-90 days, we have only 32 days". According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data, in 2013 the number of Jingdong inventory turnover is 32 days, compared to the number of days Dangdang inventory turnover is 70-90 days. It seems that Liu Qiangdong here refers to dangdang.

Liu Qiangdong also mentioned that they account for 140 days, accounting for only $39." The electronic commerce research center data show: Jingdong proprietary business account for 39 days on average, the Amazon for 95 days, Dangdang for 122 days. This is also roughly the same situation with dangdang.

in inventory, accounts payable management, Jingdong has reached the world advanced level. In addition to WAL-MART (account period 38 days, inventory turnover of 45 days) than one, other homes are far behind.

, however, Liu Qiangdong said, they just 10 thousand kinds of SKU (stock units), while Jingdong SKU more than 2 million". You know the book is a huge number of categories SKU, every year only Electronic Industry Press published a new book on more than 10 thousand of this, how can Dangdang only 10 thousand SKU? 2013 inspection report, Dangdang management SKU is 2 million.

listed in the electricity supplier, really can not find only 10 thousand SKU. For example, the main clothing electricity supplier, a 3 sizes, 5 colors of clothing will take up to 15 SKU, providing workshops to account for the 10 clothing SKU, more than a giant TV factory. The Jingdong started appliances, books, clothing sale before SKU is very low, only in recent years to catch up.

after three years of accumulation and distribution, the Jingdong has a collection of more than and 600 book publishers (including 79 publishers), the book has a complete ecological chain, sales have gone beyond the Amazon Chinese encroaching dangdang. This year, the 6.18 big promotion period, the cumulative sales of Jingdong Map >