Beijing daily news (reporter Lu Yishan Geng Jiajun) business resources and a period of silence and the resurgence of the trend. The day before the news, Tmall vice president Wang Yulei took office, to dig foot from "good seller, and that" if the shops in the Tmall store, will increase support; if there is no shop, will provide more resources for businesses to migrate to Tmall ". Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters immediately after the call to verify Tmall, but Tmall denied, and said that Tmall will be treated equally on the platform, will not be treated differently.

has always been low-key have heard this rumor said. relevant person in charge told the Beijing Daily reporter, said, this is the move of other companies, we are not convenient to comment". The other said, has focused on sale mode, whether it is the back section of the logistics or page promotion, are as possible for businesses to provide convenient services. Some industry insiders pointed out that if Tmall wants to dig the foot from this thing is true, from a side reflects Tmall’s business optimistic. It is interesting that the dig foot event if true, the ultimate beneficiaries are likely to be settled in the business. At the same time in the Tmall and have sales of a well-known clothing retailer relevant responsible person said, whether it is Tmall or, they are just a kind of sales channels, to high-quality business support should help businesses achieve incremental.

platform for the quality of business resources has been fighting the fire endless, the spring breeze. By the end of 2012, Suning no annual fee for free platform fee, free margin policy, Jingdong reduces the merchant’s point deduction and increase margin last year, Jingdong, Suning, and other large B2C platform easy fast and have carried out more fierce battle for business, more corporate executives said, a large electricity supplier the platform requires businesses have to stand in the way of settled platform.


Gome online in April and then pick electricity supplier price war

Beijing daily news (reporter Lu Yishan) price war in the declaration of returning to power commercial reproduction. Yesterday, the United States announced online shopping home appliance King slogan launched a series of promotional activities. In the industry view, to give up the big and full model, so that the United States to achieve the best results in recent years. At the same time, this trend also strengthened Gome appliance main industry to overweight.

, vice president of the United States online marketing Huang Xiangping said, for the upcoming three anniversary, Gome online will use the full back, within a month of cash coupons, price guarantee way for consumers to carry out promotions. Mou Guixian, chairman of the United States online is the United States will become an online shopping online home appliance king".

Mou Guixian said that although the current state of the United States online sales scale can not become the king of home appliances, but has the ability to become the industry benchmark. In the supply chain, the United States has reached a cooperation agreement with Haier, GREE, the latter will introduce more exclusive strategic cooperation brand.

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