news July 22nd, billion state power network that before the Alibaba platform "consumer integrity data model to start the malicious evaluation back delete function, when the ID model was identified as the occupation bad teacher, which in a certain range of time history. The system will be back to delete.


is reported that, since the feature on the line, a single week in the Alibaba platform was hit by the number of judges who fell 80% ID.


group said, "this is the first in the true sense of leveraging the poor economic benefit division of black chain."

According to

billion state power network to understand, "consumer credit data from the Alibaba model" since the line was hit and identified as the occupation bad teacher ID history of the total close to 5 million, the average weekly by the model of the hit malicious bad review of 150 thousand, occupation bad teacher added ID number in the peak value of about 40 thousand per week.

back the malicious evaluation delete function appears, the data model was the identification of occupation bad teacher ID, Ali credit team will be different according to the degree of harm behavior, to intercept gradient in transaction end and end evaluation on account of restrictions.

, for example, for malicious bad serious ID system will require the completion of a series of identity authentication, if authentication fails, then do permanent Title Treatment of the ID, at the same time, ID left the malicious bad records will be automatically deleted.


and, due to the accumulation of large Alibaba data model of the underlying data rich, has achieved rapid correlation between ID and ID, therefore, it is difficult to change the professional evaluation division ID continue to commit crimes".

"we have nearly 10000 index related to ID, even down to behavior, provide the basis for ID related information in the database so on, want to change the vest again malicious bad thing, now almost impossible." Alibaba credit team leader added.

billion state power network has learned, in addition to Ali big data check, businesses can self-test on the receipt of the evaluation by the following two ways: first, through "my Taobao" – "evaluation management" – "evaluation" from the end of second, the buyer inspection; to detect the evaluation of their own shops received in the service center entrance complaints.

It is reported that

, a self business within 30 days to self assessment division of the bad review can be deleted; and for not certainty as malicious bad review, businesses can report complaints, after full hotline will follow up.