the Chongqing public Yan Bin registered a number of well-known brand names, and that many Chongqing is very concerned about the domain name, has formed a circle, and self proclaimed "rice farmers" — a corn ("domain name" homophonic) farmers. Yesterday, Yan Bin told reporters he registered before and after disclosure.

in April this year, he learned that Chongqing will be the The Point Inn & Suites, out of habit, he China queries on the Internet Network Information Center, found that the "days" although once the domain name registration, but did not renew, so he took the relevant documents, to the registered company, a registered 4 related domain name. "Who is the domain name registration, who owns." Yan Bin said, "now days" and "Daysinn" domain names belong to him.

can register a domain name? "Of course not, well-known brand of the domain name cybersquatting may be suspected of infringement." Member, National Committee of Lawyers Association of Intellectual Property News newspaper lawyers members Zhang Li said the lawyer, now there are loopholes in the network management, network and various brands should strengthen the management of domain name.

"I’m not malicious, I just want to arouse their attention. If necessary, I can send my own domain name registration." Yan Bin said, hoping to give businesses a reminder, a domain name is the intellectual property rights, if registered by others, the benefit of the brand, connected to their own website, to advertise themselves, even to spoof, is a great loss to the brand.