site has just done a good job in the future is how to promote all the webmaster must face a basic problem, I briefly summarize the analysis of the website promotion of several effective ways. There are three kinds:

1, to the search engine and directory site submission directory. Baidu, Google, YAHOO and MSN, Sohu, Sina and other well-known search engines and directories. We submit URLs, search engines and directories to search keywords, can appear in the search results list, then our website at these sites left traces, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion of our website promotion, but the lack of these included often need to take a very long period of time.

2, to compare the authority of the professional or search engine weight is relatively high popularity of well-known sites and promote their website. To some weight high website or search engine is a well-known professional website to write soft article submissions, leave their related links, the days and months multiplying the accumulation of popularity, so as to achieve the purpose of website promotion. This lack of publicity and promotion is that we need to spend a lot of time and energy to original.

3, promotion software or email. This way can be said to be like carpet bombing sky net, most people are using e-mail messages, advertising advertising group blog, construction group, promotion actually can also be used in the form of electronic magazine website. Overall, the effect is minimal. Excessive use will be disgusted with disgust and even affect the weight of the site and search engine. Sending a large amount of spam mail is illegal.

the above three points are suitable for any of our website promotion. However, the complexity of the promotion requires us to analyze the specific content, according to their own situation to find a suitable method. This article provided by the webmaster, reproduced annotated source.