in what place, you are likely to encounter selling products to you, go to the road, when the taxi driver may have to sell his taxi service, you go to the major communications companies to conduct business, to sell you a new business, to the bank for deposit, you want to sell their investment insurance, it can be said and every day we are surrounded by selling, you might think you to sell but you hated, every day in the sales of their own, doctor, teacher, every day to sell their own skill and knowledge, and you also sell their own ability.

in today’s society, if an enterprise to find a good salesman, may let the enterprise back to life, but if you find a good salesman, you can guarantee that he will never work in your company? For example: Mengniu manager Niu Gensheng, 1999 left Yili, Mengniu create, has become one of the most Yili competitive rivals. Doesn’t Niu Gensheng’s case appear in your company,


  so what salesman to become your business forever salesman? — "network marketing" may you have thought too early, first you to the network marketing is full of hope, want to let your company’s product sales to the country and even the world, will be able to sit at home and wait until the order in a short period of time; the enterprise profit to grow exponentially…… But always in a variety of reasons, did not insist.

enterprise website manager heard many network marketing will have such a feeling, "network marketing is not to build a website, I was already done, the general quality, but feel good enough, the content of the website is rarely updated, all year round to hang, few people click on the company’s website, not to mention received the order, the website became a decoration." Because they have established marketing network and a website to equate.

so, why do not the traditional enterprise network marketing? Lack of funds or technology, now do most e-commerce started are grassroots accident, see "VANCL" old, ahead of a year out of college, worked in many industries, but without success, started in 2007 vintage and before the backbone of the team, if there is no backbone team, is old will succeed? In fact do network marketing is not only rich, you can do a good job in network marketing. Key traditional enterprises lack of real understanding of network marketing talent.

  how to make network marketing has become the greatest salesman? Then look at all successful network marketing case, traditional enterprises do not lack of funds, but the lack of the concept of network marketing and network marketing will find the real person, with the correct marketing strategy, will make your business become another "vancl".

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