I harvest my failure, but also admire my courage. Then a young man, a headlong into the unknown, not too many complex ideas, just want to create a world. After the pressure and the vicissitudes of life, the ultimate understanding of reality and its own limitations.

when the project is declared dead, I feel very strange, neither sad nor disappointed…… I felt as if I had seen a film that was so long that I could not help but sigh at the end of the film.

once, I think entrepreneurship is a very very heroic man thing, even if the failure has tragic attitude, die like a soldier. But in fact, so many mistakes in the business committed, I found that my project is clearly a patient in a disastrous state after the collapse, give dying kicks as expected, and he is not half dime.

business direction: choice is much more important than effort

the process of entrepreneurship is actually a lot of interrelated, mutual choice. There is also a special mechanism: the first few questions will affect all of your choices after.

1 we abandon the traditional mode of making money, the scale of financing with burn do Internet model

It is

to do the problem most avid Internet, everyone thought that the Internet, all equal to anything. Compared to two years ago that pompous atmosphere, we are very earnest person, but as we have also motivated young people eager to use the Internet to change the traditional, to create greater value for more people. A few months later, we got two well-known VC angel financing, diligently toward the next round to walk.

then, the next round did not come, the capital of winter came. More deadly is a full 2 years, we did not run through the Internet model. There is no reason to run through, and the beginning of the cognitive process of the relevant. Although we have a very reliable core team, although we have made great efforts and achieved some success, but all in vain.

back to the original, if the choice is to make money in the traditional model, I am confident that a year 1 million 500 thousand net profit of three points. But I want to say is: actually not what should choose what, but when we start things although pragmatic, but in view of the matter is that the entrepreneurial idea than reality.

2 we chose a low frequency, low profit market to do Internet

then we believe that low frequency is not what problem, we can from the low cut, the first swing tradition, then expand to the high frequency. However, since the development of the mobile Internet, the most in-depth game has been clear from the numerous results: only with high frequency and large market demand points, can the Internet through burn do scale to survive.

at that time, we think that the low profit is not a problem, as long as there is a broad market allows us to scale up on the line. However >