recent popular media, technology media in the media driven by the emergence of a thriving scene, which prompted the public opinion of the Internet industry has become particularly important. Since the media age, the website editors and reporters will no longer enjoy the absolute control status of public discourse, many writers emerged in technology and media become a force to be reckoned with, the Internet public relations industry also played a significant changes in marketing difficulty gradually increased. But now the Internet public relations industry, there are still many public relations companies and corporate marketing / PR / brand department do not understand how to operate the soft marketing, the essence of the reader and the media do not understand.

soft marketing needs to understand the media readers respect

rules of the Internet public relations industry has changed, and many companies are still holding the traditional public relations play, trying to through the soft home to establish the corporate brand image. However, marketing is not to spend money from the media or reporters write a few paragraphs of Weiguang speech can play a positive effect of the times, more and more readers aesthetic standards today, leading the media editor is more and more strict requirements. This time the media have lost the absolute credibility, readers have their own standards, enterprises still take the "Wei Guangzheng" jargon is actually not packing their understanding of the readers, no respect for the media. Weiguang is the only official jargon "is the enterprise to say to myself, readers not to regard it as right of this kind of news has more media attention, unable to arouse interest.

marketing over heavan sought after by readers of

over marketing has let the readers see the numbness, the first reaction is to judge the content is soft water release, only after the quality evaluation, it is also because of excessive marketing of readers’ complaints, media editor on the manuscript review requirements continue to improve, I do not know when, haven began to receive the media blitz, readers. Now, the content slightly praised the enterprise’s remarks are likely to be posted on the soft label, and haven (this refers to write business haven negative article, not rival gun draft) is easy to get media recommendation, reader’s response. Marketing is more and more difficult to operate, this can not blame the readers and the media, this is the negative result of excessive marketing brings, in the face of this situation, many companies choose to take money out of a good relationship with sponsorship, advertising and other forms of cooperation with the media set, for not reported negative. This is the enterprise over soft marketing on


soft marketing 2 need to change the traditional thinking

today’s marketing has not had a few experts please write a few Master readers agree grandly about the article can era, enterprises boast Weiguang zheng special paragraph does not move the reader to see. Of course, what companies do not say he has a good puff? But this situation points to the occasion, now, if you press or on business grandly about from the media, it is the two of the marketing, marketing not only fail to effect, money and.