introduction: public relations is not a thing with no reality whatever it is, it is the logic of norms, in the.

2015, is China Internet business the flood year, especially in the first half of the year, college graduates unemployment "miserable situation was gorgeous turned into a" spectacular Graduate Entrepreneurship ". However, the higher the fly, the more miserable, this sentence is so fast. The second half of the year, with the rapid departure of cliff Chinese the decline in the stock market and the dollar venture capital institutions, and the transformation of traditional industries Chinese collective confusion, promote economic China like from Dongtu Datang to go to the West Elysian Fields die Tang greatly, prospects. With passion and three minutes into the brain heat field of Internet entrepreneurs and died suddenly died due to run out of ammunition and food supplies.


said public relations will become the bane of startups


although the people business, the business has become the most basic political right. However, the reform and opening up has been nearly 40 years of Chinese facing more opportunities, more fierce competition situation "; on the other hand, entrepreneurial success is a small probability event, they are like the show, must be in more than a dozen were identified as elected three excellent talent and be on a par with contestants. Luck, often contains considerable, whether you are old or disabled children, did not sleep well, it is difficult to escape the" Man proposes, God disposes. ".

in fact, the collapse of start-up companies, not all of the fate of the impulse caused by. Because of today’s Internet business, financing has become the first priority and is the new normal, then, public relations have become their operations, in addition to these products the basic structure of the company the first business demands, even greater than the financial, sales and other priority. Entrepreneurial company public relations in the industry first, save popularity, in order to improve their social status, and even cause "blockbuster" effect in the target investor’s impression, was no ground for blame. However, public relations is a double-edged sword worthy of the name, the public relations do well, must bring to spend money to do the effect for the company, however, the PR rhythm, grasp the caliber is not good, especially now since the media era, when there are some omissions, some of your PR practice morning afternoon. A hell of heaven, is not surprising. Look at those predecessors picked only underwear, Ranger electric cars, an acre of land, the cloud as the chain, they are become reviled people from the start small star in the peak period between night and PPT typical business fraud, but also made what? There is no fraud digital technology is not the most advanced?? who cares? Everyone is to make soy sauce


public relations is a practical skill of the discipline, and the response to the request of the information is very keen, not on the books to learn. While entrepreneurs are mostly technical background and degree of rich handsome, therefore, they have a lot of deviation of PR cognition, this deviation as the company will enlarge rapidly, so as to become entrepreneurial companies and PR bane. As >