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in recent years, more and more enterprises marketing in the first place, even in many enterprises appeared in the marketing department right above all the examples, at the same time, many enterprises have tasted the sweetness in marketing, ignoring the product optimization. In fact, this area will not only affect a business, if marketing has been touted by the company over the product, we are the industry’s market is bound to decline.

‘s annual electricity supplier is still the hottest ten, this is beginning to express this meaning. No matter who admit that the Alibaba for eleven double the contribution of a single day finally pushed into the Chinese electricity supplier feast, alone, you can go down in history. In 2013, the double eleven is really not smooth, negative news with always.

is actually the essence of Taobao products, services, and this year a lot of negative information on logistics, price and other factors, imagine, if the number of the negative appear more and more, but also the confidence of users of e-commerce so much? Taobao is not to say how much the market, the core point is, through a the company purchased the product is not good, certainly all products on this channel are vigilant, resulting in decline.

for a way to say it. Before my marketing, is a wide word, the user can see, the enterprise will have the benefits, the package does not lose. Now, marketing and more significance is to cultivate the trust of users, to win the trust of users of the marketing plan is perfect good. And if the user to buy the product, the feeling is not consistent with our propaganda, users will no longer trust this channel, will inevitably lead to a decline in the overall market.

to do a few examples, Chu orange, Huang Taiji, have analyzed, many users buy once, not to buy second. Regardless of whether they do a good or bad marketing, single user trust, they are successful, but their products did not give the user a good experience.

said that in the near future, the user’s trust in the big brands also declined, so, what can we trust


direction of the future, or marketing to do more and more to allow users to trust, or products do better and better, you choose which


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