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Cai Wensheng mainly invested in China’s mass market start-up company

Yuan Li

in China’s Internet world, Cai Wensheng’s success is unexpected.

Cai Wensheng was born in rural Fujian, dropped out of high school, began to do business in his teens, selling cheap cosmetics. Compared with the background of his U.S. computer science engineer Baidu founder Robin Li and former college English teacher Alibaba founder Ma Yun, there is a world of difference.

however, in China’s Internet service market to the lower end of the user, especially in rural areas, the expansion of the occasion, Cai Wensheng’s extraordinary background, but he made the success of the vision needed.

"I didn’t go to college because I didn’t go to college, so I know what kind of Internet service the people want,"

said in an interview with CCTV’s new headquarters." As he spoke, he was skilled in Kung Fu tea.

in the past, because he did not understand English, typing and slow (now he has been typing much faster, but English is still the primary), and the Internet and always need to input English domain, which makes him feel very depressed. So he founded in 2003. This is a domain name navigation website, lists the popular Chinese website and classification, so he just click on the link.

proved that the site is popular among people like him, but also to promote a lot of site visits push hands. A year later, the site received venture capital from the international data group (IDG), which was sold to Google in 2007 (Google). The specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Cai Wensheng speaks Mandarin with a strong Fujian accent. He is now a top angel investor in the Internet industry. He is still a very influential blogger, his Sina (micro-blog) fans more than 850 thousand, he is also an industry conference participants invited to meet.

Cai Wensheng’s experience highlights the transformation of China’s Internet industry. Until now, China’s Internet industry is still dominated by higher education for the purpose of providing users with higher education elite and returnees. Ten years of explosive growth helped China become the world’s largest Internet market by the end of 2009, China’s Internet users have more than four hundred million, more than the total population of the United states. In order to maintain the growth rate, Internet Co need to tap the future of network users, and these users are more likely to come from rural areas.

, now 40, owns stakes in a number of start-ups. These sites cater to those who do not want to spend money to buy network services or registered software users, including casual gaming platform 4399.c>