news January 12th, according to a Baidu access fault happens, the majority of owners said that they have been influenced more or less, but there are a few owners said that they were not affected, and for the opportunity to hype.

The majority of

owners said that Baidu makes them fault site traffic dropped by nearly 50%, indirect economic losses ranging from several hundred dollars to tens of millions. They hope to return to normal after Baidu, can be compensated.

but there are also some of the owners said, because their website is a vertical information site, the user is more stable, combined with Baidu before the collection is not much, this has not been much affected.

reporter noted that this small part of the webmaster has begun with the hype of Baidu is a black thing, either in the IM tools, or in the micro blog (, SNS website, Baidu share is black links to your website, so as to achieve diversion effect.