Tencent science and technology news (Zhao Nan) May 26th news, the third party payment license has been issued to the relevant enterprises and units by way of mail, access to licenses of enterprises and units of a total of 27. TenPay, Alipay, money and other private third party payment companies to get a licence.

The people’s Bank of China

released last June, "non financial institution payment service management approach" clearly defined, non financial institutions shall obtain payment business license, a payment institution, accept the supervision and administration of the people’s Bank of China according to law. It is reported that in the first batch of 32 companies, only 27 enterprises and units to get a license. The advantages of electronic commerce, Shanghai Tungtex corporate finance, Shanghai, Shanghai Fuyou Chang purchase enterprise, Shanghai UnionPay five reporting companies did not obtain a license.

as the first batch of "pay business license" of the company, caifutong general manager Liu Yingqi said, "we have been actively cooperate with the relevant national policies, the people’s Bank of Chinese supervision can effectively regulate the market, is conducive to the healthy development of the industry." He believes that the payment business license acquisition, for the payment of money has a very important significance, it will help us get more users and businesses recognition".

it is understood that in the first batch of 27 enterprises certified, caifutong (a subsidiary of Tencent Inc (Alibaba) and Alipay Corp.) the registered capital of 500 million yuan, the largest enterprise registered capital of at least 30 million. Among them, Alipay is the only industry in a commissioned ICBC to customers monthly trading margin do managed audit, and monthly report publicly managed enterprises.

consulting firm Analysys International’s report shows that 2010 China third party payment market annual turnover reached 11324 yuan, an increase of 95%. The third party payment market still maintain a high market concentration rate, only caifutong, Alipay two companies accounted for 70% of the market. Money paid through second, accounting for more than 22.4%.

Analysys International analyst Zhang Meng said, "pay business license" issued, will give the payment of the legal status of enterprises, the third party payment service can be extended to more stringent regulatory policies, the requirements of professional higher financial field, such as funds, insurance and other financial services market. She predicted that the next few years, funds, insurance and other financial services market in the development of the market will play a major role in promoting the third party payment, third party payment level professional payment service enterprise financial level to improve.

is the third party to obtain a license to pay the following 27 companies and units:

Z2000133000019 (Alipay Chinese) Network Technology Co., Ltd. May 18, 2011

Z2000231000010 UnionPay Business Co., Ltd. May 18, 2011

Z2000311000013 Beijing

Network Technology Co., Ltd. May 18, 2011