as a network marketing planner, I know that if you do not work hard and learn network marketing, you will fall behind others. Now this society, it is said that the information society, it is said that the 3G era, they have their own truth. Firstly, we mainly through now is the information society represented by the Internet, with the development of economy, I believe that the popularity of mobile phone 3G era (I called mobile phone era), will be the dominant position, now the most popular marketing mode is mainly to the Internet as the media of the fourth generation of marketing network marketing, with the economy the development of fifth generation wireless marketing marketing mode will soon come, at that time people can enjoy the endless fun brought by the mobile phone. Talk about learning network marketing, how to learn network marketing?

we all know that Internet marketing is more people in today’s marketing model, mainly because of his novel, convenient, free from time and space constraints, are not subject to geographical restrictions, and a larger proportion of inputs and outputs, so now a lot of enterprises to carry out network marketing. How to better carry out the network marketing? This topic is relatively large and a certain degree of practicality here I do not talk about. I specifically say how to better learn network marketing


first, you must have a personal PC or you can use the computer at any time, this is the material basis, with a computer to carry out the following activities.

second, should pay more attention to the network marketing website such as network marketing manuals, network marketing I love the new observation of these are my early pay more attention to the website.

third, always thinking of each big website includes comprehensive website, industry website, personal website, business model, profit model, innovation forum, new website, such as the network marketing enthusiasts also need to focus on something.

fourth, as the saying goes, "practice makes perfect" theory of everything only been used in practice and constantly sum up, this theory can continue to sublimate better guide practice. Network marketing enthusiasts or experts I believe this is also a matter of doubt, there is no theory of light, we should combine theory with practice in order to better learn network marketing.

fifth, in the study and work constantly sum up at the same time and peer to a lot of communication this is also necessary to learn network marketing.