name is wealth. Especially on the Internet, the name is your most valuable asset, which is the main difference between the Internet and the real world.

because in the real world, there are many ways you can help the company to establish a unique image, such as the location of the shop so that you do not have to remember the name can find it. However, on the Internet, the name is everything, unless you enter the site, you can not find any clues about what it does.

everything starts with name. According to the site naming strategy, Rees has made eight guiding principles, of course, they are also effective for brands outside the Internet:

1, the shorter the name the better


screen name should be entered into the computer, so it should be short and easy to spell. In fact, all brand names should not be complicated and difficult to remember. Words, syllables, and letters of a brand name are valuable, and you can’t use long words when you can find short words.

especially for technical products, if you want to have a broad customer base, not only to those early adopters (those willing to buy any new technology, there will be customers) for a simple, can attract non technical users name.

, such as three-dimensional interactive Multiplayer game (3DO Interactive) is very popular in the media, why did not succeed in the market? The reason is that its name is long and complex, and almost the world’s first personal computer MITS Altair8800 called "the worst name ever". Even when it was down, it was thought that the 3D machine was a professional game, not a mainstream product.

The name

can achieve the simple short effect, help to improve consumer awareness of the brand ability. Motorola will simplify its trademark from Motorola to Moto, there are considerations in this regard. Similarly, in addition to renamed "Amoi Amoi", the English trademark Amoisonic to Amoi.

some international brands from the beginning to choose relatively short words, such as Aim, Raid, Bic insecticide toothpaste pen, Visa card, the fastest Nike and the development of the whole world fashion brand Zara fashion retail chain stores, only three or four letters.

2, the name should be simple

concise is not equal to the length of the word is short. A simple name is repeated with only a few letters in the alphabet. If Coca-Cola has 8 letters, it uses only 4 letters.

The name

is simple easy to spread, concise and comprehensive, clear, easy to attract customers, people will greatly improve the possibility of the name of word of mouth, and can communicate a wide range of meanings to consumers, contributes to brand Lenovo, caused by the desire for communication.