a lot of network promotion novice will often ask me, how to transform the problem of novice, that is, what is the way to do a good promoter. In fact, even if it is difficult to give you a perfect answer. But if you want to solve this problem, you first need to understand why the master can promote so good and you can not. So often a lot of people will think of the difference between novice and expert resources, experts tend to have a good grasp of the resources, the novice can not be successful because it does not find resources. Many of the newcomers are now very anxious, often put resources to this point have overlooked, however, is not a day to get resources, to perennial months to accumulate. As for how to accumulate resources, let me introduce to you a few methods:

first of all, you have to know, to become a professional network promotion, what resources need to accumulate it?

The first

is ID, ID is well understood, is everyone in the forum, portal pass, username or email, can be a vest, can be a forum account, is the gateway can pass, can also be a mailbox, QQ etc..

ID, of course, the level of ID, it is sometimes necessary to integral, if your ID level is not high enough, a lot of things you can do, such as advertising, such as hanging links, these usually need to reach a certain level to do. Some forums, like China webmaster forum, they will be integral (forum money) to auction the signature, so there is no money in your forum, as can be imagined, you posted on the forum, but your site is still less than the others a chance of promotion.

Chinese Internet users are very many, so a good network of people to promote the website plays a very big role, a good network of contacts is what you need. Contacts will help the development of the site.

finally is the relationship with the media, in fact, closely related to the media and the webmaster, do not think that the big media tend to ignore the small site, in fact, is not a lot of time is driven by the development of small sites. It shows that we should know more about the editors.

you must know how to accumulate resources.

ID resources, we can accumulate in the usual site of Central District, for example I have a forum to promote, so I will first collect the relevant Promotion Forum (such as weight, PR), but the registration as much as possible before, through continuous exploration, will gradually get promotion effect. ID must continue to upgrade the level, the new ID generally no use, the more advanced ID, the better the promotion effect.

in the network in the village, we should try our best to expand the network, make more friends. As a webmaster, if only by their own strength is difficult to do on the site, if there are like-minded friends to help, then the amount of site users naturally easy to go up. So this is actually to you more through the forum to communicate through the QQ group to know more friends