blog marketing practice is to write an article on their own or someone else’s blog, through the blog network to convey to users. In order to achieve the purpose of marketing, the article must be able to get the reader’s identity.

this is the basic definition of blog marketing.

when it comes to blog marketing, we take a look at the example of the surrounding: Tencent many product development, with its corresponding blog, such as QQ mailbox The use of celebrity blog to promote, Sina blog can find countless. A typical example of Xu Jinglei.

look at the recent Google exit event. It is also possible to exit the statement through the official blog, why is not the official through the blog site, I believe we all know, today, we mainly discuss, why so many enterprises pay more attention to the blog marketing, tourism e-commerce marketing, and how to make full use of blog marketing to expand our marketing channels.

blog users can be divided into two categories, one is corporate blog, one is a personal blog. Can be understood literally, corporate blog is the official use of the point of view, I do not know now everyone has their own station of the blog, or official blog. If not, you can suggest the boss to open a. Believe that you think will get the boss’s approval and praise.

reasons? What are the advantages of blogs and websites,



1, blog is a web site to add information. For example, the milk powder manufacturers can create a parenting blog, publishers can build a blog reader, etc.. The tourist site can consider to travel to paint blog. Some people say that it is not directly on the site to increase such information, of course, can also be. But the downside is that, first, the main content of the site will be flooded, especially the content of the product. Two is not enough focus, lack of interactivity.


family features 2, blog site is irreplaceable. Blog is characterized by "I" or "we" the first person to express, it is easy for customers to stay in, close the distance. Some personality shopping network, I just like the owner of the blog, and through her interesting blog, I think she has a taste, naturally like her recommended goods. Through the blog, easy to enhance the user’s trust in the site.

3, some official inconvenience the information released, such as hearsay, can be in the blog. Google exit event.

4, more benefits we can sort out.

directly below the topic of concern to everyone, how to carry out blog marketing. About this, the long broad theory is not to say. I share with you some of my experience:

one, the enterprise blog and personal blog to. It’s like corporate branding and personal branding