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A new force suddenly rises. growth prospects.With the continuous development of

society and science and technology, the main body of the theoretical system will not change. The continuous emergence of new things, we have to do is to understand the product itself to adapt to the theoretical system. From the current situation of the development of the Internet, the weight of social media is getting higher and higher, advertising and public relations has become increasingly blurred. At the same time, the Internet marketing practitioners in many ways and ideas, but also to adapt to the trend of the shift.

2010 Sina micro-blog

gradually force, has reached more than 500 million users, is still looking for the commercialization of the appropriate form of overall marketing effect began to show weakness.

January 2011 so far, 2 years of micro credit break through the time of 300 million users, with the growth of smart phone users, the future trend of mobile Internet has been obvious.


and micro-blog

, each one has its own merits

when we focus on WeChat in this new marketing field, a lot of people can not help but ask, what is the difference between WeChat and micro-blog


1 Platform properties.

WeChat is a social network of relationships, the "user relationship" is the link of the network. Usually a true human relationship, belonging to the mobile SNS.

micro-blog is the socialization of the information network, the "information relationship" is the link of the network, the media property is strong, the impact is more extensive.

2 product form.

WeChat is mainly dialogue, communication and communication.

micro-blog is fast expression, information browsing and dissemination.

3 propagation properties.

WeChat is an accurate one to one push, the formation of closed-loop communication.

micro-blog is a broad coverage for all fans, the spread is open.

4 crowd attributes.

WeChat is accurate crowd coverage, concern for highly viscous users.

micro-blog is based on the interest of concern, stickiness is generally low.

5 time synchronization.

WeChat’s real-time reminder feature makes it spread as well.

micro-blog default for the time order, can be intelligent sorting, popular micro-blog, search and other functions to achieve poor spread.

WeChat marketing market debut

so look at how everyone is using WeChat marketing. In the exploratory stage, the strategies adopted by different types of brands are different.

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