Abstract: looking for a group of symbols of image, and then stood on the opposite side to subvert the image, with the group pulled weakness threat, bound nowadays the social hot spots, and then using decomposition logic to kidnap your thinking, a hot news is often so out.


recently in the first half of this year since, many interesting things happened, they have deep feelings, then put us a ray of coke in the tender. Big son became rich three generations, Yiping is actually a success, Shizuka turned out to be a scheming bitch, then there is a horse Allison speech and Chen Anni 1% of life; behind these events, in fact, there is a inherent behavior logic, it is to create a hot event universal formula, today titanium media author Eric took you a talk about this topic.

looking for group symbol

wants to create a hot social topic, first of all need to be able to cause everyone, or the mainstream sounding crowd resonance collective symbols. In recent years, the nostalgia of the wind is centered around the center to start, but in the first few years of the rise of nostalgia, all nostalgia is also full of feelings in it. We found that in recent years, various types of movies, antique furniture, restaurant and nostalgia blossom everywhere.

whether the youth class movie, or antique furniture, or a variety of red scarf restaurant or classroom restaurants, are collective symbols belong to a generation or two generation. However, chicken soup drink will talk more greasy, feelings will vomiting, when nostalgia rotten street, variants of it. Human nature is love, feelings of nostalgia with no half dime, it is the true reflection of the old people. When the new era of things to look tired, the scarcity of feelings has become a fashion and trend.

and the trend of fashion is the essence of a cycle, after a wave of things being tired, another wave of things turn out speculation, so the big flower jacket and fire, it is such nostalgia. Nostalgia has two natural attributes, one is the emotional resonance, one is the commercial value, it is just a need, so nostalgia will never be abandoned marketing circle. But the feelings of nostalgia has become rotten street, this time needs to change, so the freaks all appeared.


when the old movies, old furniture and the time mark fired over, some of the iconic people began to be pushed out, these people or the movie or cartoon, carrying the memories of an era. Stereo imprint head son, Shizuka and Yiping of that era are. The bulk of his son and Pharaoh’s story would fire for a long time, three rich generation story for the big son again a fire.

subvert the traditional image of

of course, this collective symbol, in addition to things, is a character, but also can be a collective emotion. The most successful social hot events are exciting