recently, the word of the people’s Congress completely fire, it is reported that the National People’s Congress home traffic soared, resulting in the server almost collapsed, the people’s Congress goddess of fire, the natural people also took the fire. A lot of people’s attention of the goddess at the same time, also pay close attention to the Renmin University of China, but it is not only the National People’s Congress, now some universities are following the National People’s Congress, in their own home page shows beautiful pictures, it seems that beauty marketing effect is the lever, beauty marketing is a trend which cannot be halted. The beauty of this concept to the hype and marketing It is often seen., everyone has the heart of beauty, beauty marketing strategy is to seize the Internet curiosity, lust psychology. Especially for male users of the product, beauty marketing is still very promising, the phenomenon of the NPC goddess is a good marketing case, the analysis of this marketing approach should pay attention to what?

first: the beauty of the image and the taste of the product clever combination of

‘s the image of the goddess gives a fresh and vibrant feel, which is more in line with the image of the University, can be said to represent the school style, if a professional beauty suggests that people on the home page, it is neither fish nor fowl. Therefore, the beauty of beauty in the marketing of the image to be combined with the taste of the product, the so-called brand is the style of the product, or to the user a feeling. For example: there are a lot of beautiful image of TV advertising, cosmetic products love looking for some types of white Formica beauty endorsement, some luxury love to find some noble women image endorsement, so when the user or the audience to see the beauty of the image, the brain naturally associate the product taste or image. All in all, there is a certain relationship between the beauty of the image and the taste of the product, to promote their products or services is the real purpose.

second: Beauty marketing must pass a positive energy

goddess of the people is a phenomenon of speculation, although it is not clear that there is no one behind the operation, but the use of such a similar phenomenon is very popular beauty hype. Is not only on the Internet, in reality there are many such speculation cases, for example: some businesses in order to enhance their visibility, engage in a fashion show what activities, such speculation activities and so on. I think beauty marketing must convey a positive energy, such as the National People’s Congress passed the goddess is a vibrant, fresh image, if a marketing way to bring people tired of feeling, or simply to deceive the masses, so that the promotion is certainly counterproductive, will have a negative impact on corporate image is not good, beauty may be a highlight in marketing, but the marketing mode of careless operation will bring incalculable consequences. Especially online speculation, once the fire is a get out of hand.

third: Beauty marketing must seize the user’s psychological


users love to see beauty, most users have a boring, gossip, lust psychology, of course is actually a lot of beauty or ugliness, psychological. If you want to make a lot of people are human flesh, then you must highlight the characteristics of this person, perhaps she is a 90 after the United States