we all say, the customer is God, for us, our fans are our God, we need to maintain good. Some friends may say, I do not go to the maintenance is not the same?. If you have more time, it is recommended to maintain these fans. Plainly, the maintenance is to do our fans fans to experience, give them a good experience, solve their needs.

this in our lives, there are many similar things. For example, we like to eat hot pot will note that the business is almost everywhere in the winter, but in the summer we will see the gap between business and business.

I would like to, if it is summer, we have to choose to eat hot pot, then we choose the hot pot restaurant must be air-conditioned, there is WiFi bar. We found that many businesses do not pay attention to this point, the user experience, some wanted to earn some money, and then choose to buy an air conditioner, when hot weather business is not good, thought is to boil a boil over. Some businesses even if there is no business, but they will choose to do a good job of this piece of user experience. If there is no air conditioning shop, you may go, just move the chopsticks, the body is sweat, then you have the mood to taste the delicacy? If there is air conditioning, so there is no such feeling, you will spend all of the energy to eat, WiFi, edge to eat and play mobile phone.

said so much, I want to tell you is the importance of the maintenance of our fans. So what do we need to do if we want to do well,


first: set the voting topic

vote this topic is mainly to let our fans are involved, we need to have a shocking topic, we need to be in the last two days is the hot topic of the day to vote. We need to have a good understanding of our fans when we set them up. Not that all the content is for our fans. If your fans are basically male, then there are a lot of rape, indecent practice, then we can send such a topic. In the options, we need to pay attention to is that we need to put his feelings and fans emotions, to see what options might be suitable for everyone, so we put these contents as our option to let fans choose.

In fact, the

for fans of this idea, it is difficult to say, simple is not simple, we need to analyze the long-term fans know, this group of people is what kind of, or what type of grass root. So after this one but to through us, we must have targeted marketing to them, it is late to make money.

second: custom settings

custom menu, WeChat itself is relatively small, we need to find third party interface, >