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fragmentation, consumer tastes and so the world, enterprise how to attract the attention of consumers, and make the product more attractive? The answer is: entertainment. In recent years, the entertainment industry and the entertainment market has become increasingly active, entertainment marketing has become a mainstream topic, because of rich content and diverse scene, so to provide a broad space for all types of entertainment advertising implants, comparing with other methods, the entertainment marketing is more likely to be accepted by the user. So that each brand for endorsements, advertising, entertainment marketing has become an unprecedented emphasis.


data sources: hit TV advertising cloud monitoring

talked about the brand of entertainment marketing case is whether it is some time ago to be too numerous to enumerate, the best-selling "Mi month biography", or "burning brain divine comedy the most popular brothers run it, in terms of brand entertainment has great potential bored. Review the past year’s entertainment marketing, popular entertainment cooperation costs are astronomical 300 million: "I am a singer Liby title," 3 beautiful said the 338 million won the Zhejiang TV ratings carry handle "running brother 3", "four consecutive jiaduobao The Voice of China"…… These are successful entertainment marketing case, the characteristics of these cases is the column enough fire, sponsorship amount is high enough, while considerable return.

can be so generous brand cooperation must also have "one" with the brand in the field of industry qualification.

electricity supplier brand beauty, for example, with the grasp of the trend of entertainment marketing, beauty, said the man with the run can be written directly into the Harvard marketing classic textbook. After all, "beauty" is a step by step, "running man" to the extreme, and listen to me carefully say……


program title, enhance brand awareness

Zhejiang TV ratings carry handle "running brother 3", the title costs soared from 130 million yuan to 338 million yuan in the first quarter of the third quarter, gold master behind the gold master third season and emerge in an endless stream, it is "beautiful" the electricity supplier brand. Someone asked the 338 million spent? I tell you the value equal to the running man by virtue of "professionalism! Entertainment" spirit, creating a new situation in the domestic variety show, but also on the first two quarters of the accumulation of a large number of fans, and each set has new guests and new innovative games to run the man on the way ahead ratings have been other variety shows.


in the brand exposure, but also to show the opportunity, first, is the site of private custom: the program group will be directly set in the beautiful game that goods experience center, the game is timed to grab a single, direct drive audience attention brand attributes and characteristics of business.


second, director pointed out the spokesperson, "said chief beauty such as Angelababy.