many people want to use the phone to make money, because the phone is easy to carry, and now smart phones are very much cheaper. If you have a smart phone, there is a flow or wireless network, you can use the phone to make money. So, how to make money with your mobile phone?


wants to make money with a cell phone, it’s really easy. But one day, you want to earn much money using mobile phone? If you do not have to earn money on the Internet, network marketing, network knowledge is not, you want to earn hundreds of thousands a day, in addition to you, cheat, or illegal, normal can not earn so much money.

of course, Shao Lianhu is not asking you to do illegal things, illegal things, a lie, even if we do not make money, one is to my conscience, two is doing something illegal if one day caught you earn more money.

so, in order to use the phone to make money, and you have not done before, what will not, it is recommended to earn a few dollars a day to start the project. Some people think, some only a few cents a day, I also can not earn ten dollars. I just want to say, you can not earn a few dollars a day, how can make a few hundred dollars a day, a few thousand dollars?

to this, if you don’t want to do that one day to earn a few yuan project or a few angle, don’t look down, if you want to use the mobile phone to earn a little money, I will tell you how to make money into a lot of money, of course, need time, you need some skills can.

give you a summary of some ways to make money phone:

1, mobile phone to do Taobao guest

said Taobao guest, we generally think of using a computer to do Taobao guest, very few people know that the phone is also able to do Taobao guest. Taobao guest is what it is to help promote the sale of Taobao products, their own commission. If you want to use the phone to make money to Taobao customers can look at this article, how to use WeChat to make Taobao guest earn $10000?

2, WeChat forwarded the article to make money

currently popular WeChat mobile phone to make money on the article, and WeChat forwarded the article to make money very much, like I now know that there are hair, forwarding network, differential earned, everyone to turn the league, etc.. However, in the end I still do not know what the truth is being tested, if the cash will tell you.

3, mobile phone lock screen to make money

we use mobile phones are generally aware of the lock screen, and now there are a number of lock screen can make money on the APP, such as the benefits of the lock screen, cool lock screen, etc.. These lock screen screen is about 0.06 cents a time, but also can recommend other people to make money, like cool recommend a person to earn $3. There are some other lock screen software, we can understand their own.

4, install APP make money

we usually use smart phones to install some mobile phone APP, such as QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, etc., of course, we