network has been circulated so a picture, down the title party. What is the title of the party? There is such a person on the Internet, they waste time, deceive the feelings of friends; their posts filled with violence, sex, crime and other words. They are marked with a "creative" title, and the content of the post is usually of little or no relevance to the title. For example: "naked girl," so thrilling road huge crowds of people "such as Hsu Chi was kissing actress beast", "[help] my month abortion 3 times, there will be the problem? Is not what happened?" and so on, completely nonsensical, everyone in the Baidu search once see, that is the title the party.

first does not exclude the title of the party, they write the title is really attractive. We need to achieve this effect, but about the text, I want to say that the content is better than the title, at least not to live up to the reader, let alone deceive. We do optimization in order to flow, and at the same time for the user, and therefore emphasize the user experience. We write a practical article, then flee about the title of the party’s role, a striking for the title of the article, all ok. Here is a method of the title of

a, description type, the most common, a word to sum up the main idea of the article. Such as the current situation of SEO: short duration of competition large reward low

two, prominent type, in the form of the central idea to express the focus of the article, in order to achieve the effect of attracting a specific crowd. For example, the peers in Nanjing SEO, do you have the same feeling: a short period of time to compete for a large reward low

three, digital type, the more specific the content, the more readers feel authority, such as my title: improve the keyword density of the 7 operations

four, exaggeration, TV shopping to see more people, this should be a deep understanding. No matter how people blow, every word is true (except for the purchase, so the liar TV) to find a good starting point, we will be packing, attached some exaggerated elements in.

five, restricted, whether it is a condition or time limit, gives a sense of urgency. Such as: ten minutes to buy CN domain name, first come first served.

six, question type, to issue questions, called for a similar experience or have the same questions to join the discussion. Such as: how to increase the site outside the chain?

seven, diaoweikou type, I believe we all understand, as some of the friends, don’t reply to see similar answers. Such as: ten strategies, let your site traffic doubled

eight, idiot type, that is not clean, so that people see the title scratching his head, but want to find out what.

nine, other types, such as pornography, and malicious

an article has a good title, at least half the success. So we want to see is a full article, rather than empty >