At the beginning of the new year

, network marketing war once again kicked off, as the main force of network promotion and whether we are doing enough to get a new harvest in the new year, surpassing the previous year results, let the marketing effect for greater improvement? To achieve this, not only to believe relying on a "brute force" without mental promotion methods, but to pay more attention to their brains to analyze and summarize, only constantly improve the promotion methods, in order to make the effect of steady improvement in actual combat, and even get double the performance over.

do network promotion and marketing, in fact, Kung Fu is not just on the Internet, after all, wait until the relevant plan to carry out online and implemented, online on the planning and layout already, you can say: "online optimal performance, offline Kung Fu deep." Only the line of solid Kung Fu do, we can expect the online marketing promotion for success. How to do the line in place, combined with the actual situation, we believe that there are several ways:

one, pay attention to the user experience, improve the success rate of marketing.

as a promotion, should have the attitude of attention for each marketing promotion, not only to think of the perfunctory promotion tasks done Everything will be fine.. Attention should be paid to every marketing, we must start from the more subtle details, pay attention to the improvement of marketing experience, such as e-mail marketing or QQ marketing, take the time to cover more potential users, do not spend time thinking how to make marketing text more beautiful more potential users feel your sincerity and goodwill, in order to receive more efficient return. At the same time in marketing on the choice of the time, especially as this has a direct contact type QQ marketing for users of the promotion, we must pay attention to choose the appropriate time in order to avoid the user’s resentment and the promotion effect is greatly reduced. These can be used as the focus of marketing online thinking and implementation of homework, spend more time online with the development of the plan, in order to get more efficient online promotion success rate.

two, select marketing objects, improve the effective conversion rate.

usually just contact network marketing business love to use "bombardment" type of marketing, through the deluge of information intensive release in order to obtain a higher exposure rate, not knowing this marketing mode as the traditional way in now has increasingly revealed its deficiencies, even negative effect. To achieve a higher conversion rate than online marketing, to spend more time and effort to collect and obtain the potential marketing object information, including the purchase of specific objects through the relevant website email information and other network information, although this seemingly spent more time and budget, but in this way, the scope of marketing the object will be greatly reduced, the quality has been greatly improved, combined with more appropriate and excellent marketing plan, the transformation of network marketing promotion rate is improved, have a multiplier effect. With the concept of precision marketing increasingly popular, the concept and effect of more recognition in the network >