introduction: promotion of former vice president and secretaries Long Ming, chief financial officer for the company.

news March 22nd domestic pan educational products guide winning network platform today listed on the new board, the stock code is 836544.

according to the public information, the network has over 250 thousand merchants settled, more than 20 million registered users, the network station and its coverage of APP students aged 3~22 years old and their parents and teachers, including education, counseling, non synchronous K12 K12 education, occupation education of the whole industry chain, the whole industry chain "Internet plus the education company, and has successfully cut into the" universal education "market. The main business includes: the winning network cloud providers SaaS income and commissions. According to the network information disclosure, as of the end of 2015, the network has achieved profitability.


network was established in November 18, 2012, serial entrepreneur Dai Zheng co founded by cutting-edge educator and Internet que dengfeng. Complete the angel round of amoebic capital investment in June 2013, completed in March 2014, New Oriental ChinaEquity capital group, capital and capital, to view the light line A round of investment. Completed in March 2015 by ChinaEquity capital lead investor, New Oriental Group, linear capital with the cast B round of financing. In December 2015, the network announced from private education publishing the first day boat culture C round of financing.

According to

reports, with the addition of day boat culture, winning network will be included in the list of shareholders of four listed companies, which are listed on the NYSE shares in the NASDAQ listed shares of New Oriental Education first, the occupation education first unit of the technology, the gem of the first private publishing media shares the day boat culture and three new board fourth of the market value of ChinaEquity capital.


network also promoted former vice president and secretaries Long Ming as the company’s chief financial officer (CFO), responsible for winning network investment and financing strategy and financial related work. Long Ming graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University and Tsinghua University Department of computer science and technology, to obtain a master’s degree; in addition the net, has served as a consultancy (Ernst& Young), Weipu management consulting (Value Partners) senior consultant and consulting manager. Long Ming at the end of 2012 entry winning network, the chief financial officer of strategy.