often in the QQ space to talk about or log friends, will encounter the situation does not show the dynamic, that is, to send a talk or log, they can see, but do not show to friends, others can not see.

according to my experience, shielding QQ space is probably divided into three levels, the first level is not let you hair, hair is not audited by, and ask you to delete, delete all right; if you do not pass the audit content is repeated, then enter the second grade, let you a QQ space is enough, but quietly blocked to help you out, let you play with friends, do not know what you send content; also do not repent, or be more complaints, directly sealed space.

blocked the reason is very simple, you release the contents of the alleged violation, you may feel wronged, their content is normal, why be intercepted without any cause or reason? This is because the violation is an automatic evaluation system, may be a keyword or names, pictures, triggering the audit system.

after the discovery of the problem, how to solve it?

first, it is self – help to open the customer service home page, link: kf.qq.com, find the corresponding customer service, which can solve all the problems of Tencent series.


we QQ space, on the right side of the bar, and then select the QQ space, you can first look at the diagnosis, to see where the problem, the following is my normal diagnosis.

if you know where the problem is, then select the appropriate problem directly, and then press the tips to solve.


I met yesterday, the problem is that the log can be issued, but not to show it, because I sent an article before the audit is not approved, but also repeated 3 times, the results of the tragedy.

this problem, there are a lot of friends are met, can’t help themselves solve, some friends said to remove illegal content, wait ten days and a half months will automatically return to normal, do I have to wait


so passive is not my character, I have a problem, find the problem is to solve immediately, lest the Undue delay may bring trouble. in times of real need, being stuck in the neck……

direct contact online customer service bar.


online customer service is not easy, over a long time, let me find the call, hidden in the bottom, you must first point the phone icon will appear.


found, kept the call, to manual service, voice prompt immediately hang up and dial again, it must be to go through.

Tencent user is too large, too many people call the customer service call, always busy, so you have to keep the call to have the opportunity to be received by the customer service. < >