I am also a novice, to talk about my personal practice, is right or wrong please pointing pointing.

I do not know what technology, but to understand the basic point, can not do a decent website. I have to do is to change the source of the next station on the use, had wanted to learn a variety of programming languages, but can not learn, can only understand some of the basic things. Do stand, I think you want more traffic, you have to do the service of the public web site, what people are useful. Do a good job in the local site, I would also like to point to the flow. Personally think that the wrong place please forgive me.

here about my promotion methods, say everybody will say I do very absurd! Always wanted to do a website, I think it is impossible to succeed, but I’m not defeat, so determined to promote the success or failure, no regret. It is a waste of time! Into the point: the first is the way I buy a mosaic pen, put all his white T-shirt T are written on their website (my station www.gagaw.com), I wrote a bit of cattle. Ha ha, I write is a night exposure famous website, find the place to go on the street. This is the cheek promotion way. No way, I would like to think of what to do, I tried to have a good effect.

The second way is also used

mosaic pen, of course, what can be written more coarse and better! Night into a cafe door, near the school, billboards on the street, as long as the Internet will feel more local people will write, write more cattle, cattle. With this kind of pen to write with a linen down, so no one will be in trouble, write the cafe door paper effect is the best! I have many friends, is to say will address each other as brothers, help, so it is relatively easy to do, for 3 days, every day there are two hundred flow. The rate of return is 48%.

third way is to play dance promotion, mainly to play the fool, and write the introduction of soft as out, we all know the 1 audition room there are a lot of people, promotion is also good! At any time to change a room, playing the promotion, relaxed figure. The best thing is that you advertise others do not know this ad, there is no saying that you would like to drop T.

in the online promotion, post, every day is so boring, or have a big lift. So it is combined with the reality of promotion, do like to do business, everywhere can be extended, everywhere is the flow. There are good people do not worry about the site does not go out! The chaos was written on this, I wish you all the better!