in SEO to make money in the course of training lectures, according to the needs of many students, I focus on the soft writing method, here to share some of my personal writing skills.

one, as long as you dare to write, some people dare to see

in 2002, my writing is very bad, but entered the IT writing community, saw many people writing although improvise, content is empty, but their articles by many media should be used. So I suddenly understand a word: as long as you dare to write, some people dare to see!

started writing articles.

is the beginning of the article, my style of writing is very poor, a lot of typos, mistakes a lot, but because some personality, so those articles are unusually hot, N multimedia pick, slowly is accumulated some confidence.

did not think that was a book, I remember the first book, I told some of my old classmates, they don’t believe at all, said my words, ha ha!

remember, do not be afraid to write their own poor, as long as you dare to write, some people dare to see!

two, a good topic title, you will succeed 90%

is now on the network every day to produce very many articles, everyone in the browsing time is to choose whether to click to read according to the title, so the title of the article is the most critical factor, so there is the title of the party, of course, although there is a tempting title, no attractive themes, like not really fire up.

how to select theme?

how to start the title?

I have a number of attractive topics:

1, controversial hot topic

wrote a controversial type comments, which integrated into the shocking conspiracy theory, citing analysis of professional users, and public opinion is exactly the opposite point of view, at the same time into the enlightening of philosophy, so a quickly hot up.

key points:

A, the topic to be controversial

B, leaving the vulnerability can be attacked

2, story case topic

, for example, I get up early to write a series of personal website research, are written in a number of features, and shocking, but also to inspire the case story, are unusually hot. In particular, the first article, China’s most NB personal website hao123, but also caused the attention of the entire Internet circle. The previous paragraph, I wrote a few of my students’ case stories, is also very popular.

key points:

A, the story to be different

B, the story to be instructive

3, experience sharing topic