is now the website is really a lot, from the series of digital communication network, dress every guest, to a small seven princess website, still have, ‘he is beautiful, and so are the website, and the electricity supplier website is certainly not exception need website marketing, here, I said a collection of electricity supplier website marketing model, after all, a small business website to do so, it must be from the analytical model, down from one point to another point, to the other side of

first point: find the collection of popular points, access to traffic

actually my website preliminary promotion, is gaining popularity rapidly, so as to get some accurate traffic publicity, so the first step in the popular gathering place where? It is actually very simple, QQ group, is the first thing to consider.


First, we choose

QQ group as the first step of marketing, then you need to in the group A with friends, this is the nature of the early work is needed to do one, joining QQ is not to say that the advertisement in the group, the advertising is to be T, you need to do is to put more status the people in the group to become your friend, when you add 500-1000, 5 accounts, this time is 2500-5000, the number of friends, is the natural number advantage, what can you do? You can choose email marketing or QQ marketing, in fact it said it is also very simple, some in write your email and web sites related to some publicity language, natural advantages, there will be a lot of people to watch, but I pay more attention to QQ space marketing, because a friend of the dynamic QQ space can be displayed, and And is more convenient to use, when you made a continuous 5-10, you will find the information to be seen are not good, the number of 2500-5000 can bring 500-2000 IP for you, the traffic is extremely important, so in the early, do not underestimate these simple the way used in the extreme, these are also benefited in every way trick. This is a need to continue to adhere to, continue to use QQ with friends, and then through the update, repeat this operation will make more popular full of you, this way without Baidu’s marketing, I believe it will bring more benefits to you.

in addition to the above step, and popularity gathering collections of the forum, actually this piece of the forum, but also the popularity of high flash point correlation, then go on to buy some related website advertising than to Baidu PPC will be more affordable, because the traffic will be far more powerful than Baidu bring more traffic, and some cooperation will be for your site, but this way is to spend money, may be due to competition between some The loss outweighs the gain. Oh, do not try to always equal to zero.

second points: to maintain the flow of mail + micro-blog cited onlookers