in the rapid development of the network economy and e-commerce today, many enterprises have realized the necessity of establishing enterprise site to carry out network marketing. But after building up the company website, if not for the promotion, then the enterprise products and services on the Internet is still not known, not to play the role of network marketing, so the enterprise should immediately begin to use various means to promote their own websites in the building site.


through the search engine, filling the classified ads by means of website promotion, the website can attract more attention in a relatively short period of time, greatly improve traffic and fast expand visibility to business products and services are widely spread, eventually improve the volume of business enterprise.

but for enterprises, it is difficult to collect a number of influential web search engines and classifieds site in a relatively short period of time, but also by site information release also need to spend a certain amount of manpower and material resources, how to improve the working efficiency of the network marketing has become increasingly the focus of enterprise on the internet.

online page advertising

mainly includes the banner advertising (i.e. Banner, including full size and small size 2, can be static pictures or GIF animation and Flash animation), logo advertising (i.e. Logo, it is divided into 2 types of pictures and text), text links and ads (ClassifiedAd.) and other forms of. When visitors are interested in online advertising, they click on the link to the publisher’s website.

search engine filler

often Internet friends will be familiar with the term search engine site index information collected tens of thousands of, and will be arranged to stored in the database, when we want to find a website on the Internet, usually starting from the search engine. Statistical report relevant institutions show that the search engine has become one of the most commonly used online services after e-mail Internet users, I believe that every site builders hope that their website can be a list of search engines, and even the top, it must carry out the search engine charging.

commercial classified advertising

According to

statistics, user view classified ads (ClassifiedAd.) and view the news be roughly the same proportion. Classified advertising refers to the classification of advertising information by industry and etc., it has strong pertinence, low cost, quick release, convenient interaction and site coverage etc.; the current online offering this service site there are the more common emerge in an endless stream, Alibaba, trade information network and market information network.

magazine ad

Over the years

survey of Internet applications all over the world show that e-mail is almost always the primary application project of network users, e-mail marketing service provider has all kinds of professional services into thousands of households, they are to create services advanced, rigorous and editing style.