BBS is the first to use the stock price and other information to be announced, then BBS file transfer function is not, and can only run on apple. In the early days of the BBS, it was the same nature as the bulletin boards in the streets and on campus, but only through the dissemination of information. In recent years, due to the efforts of the forum enthusiasts, BBS function has been greatly expanded. The development of the forum is also like the emergence of the network mushroomed, and rapid development and growth.


forum covers almost every aspect of our lives, thematic forum almost everyone can find their interest or need to know, and all kinds of comprehensive portal website, or functional website are also popular in opening their own forum to promote the communication between users, more interactive and rich the content of the web site.

so so many forums quickly born, how to make their own forum to talent shows itself which relates to the forum? The promotion skills, now more than fighting and several friends worry free network marketing in the forum, is more than the first bucket Management Forum, the forum name for 6 years, but the real line was less than half a year and everyone is groping doing now, daily traffic has exceeded 500, active period generally keep the number of online about 100 weight 2 PR1, you can go to study with webmaster tools under.


forum basic situation


worry free forum keywords ranking

next, I would like to talk about the forum to promote some of the skills, SEO technology class is not to say, mainly about the forum in the process of marketing operations.

general forum users in a stable stage, if you do not take some marketing approach, it is difficult to have a breakthrough, here we have to take some necessary promotion and welfare means.

, a free competitive welfare change forum Gold: 100 gold =1/RMB. Such as: 10 thousand gold coins worth more than $10 bucket, then you can change the U disk, headphones, MP3, MP4 and other physical. These are regularly in the forum to highlight the location of the announcement, many forum users have profit, but also to give us the effect of publicity, bringing some new users, very practical.

two, free forum integral compete for virtual goods, 100 points =1 yuan RMB, virtual objects such as: 1000 points on the value of 10 yuan of the project or optimizing or changing the scheme of network marketing, free forum advertising, space, domain name, training fees. For those who want to do the advertising or promotion of the users in the forum, more attracted their attention, will come to the forum up integral to do the task every day, but in the beginning of the forum, the forum if not what attraction you should do some optimization forums such as propaganda, pick up again plus how welfare >