SEO believe, see this article, you must be familiar, SEO in 2012, as the "2012 Mayan prophecy", caused a great disturbance in the network world, especially the Baidu event since 6.28, numerous sites were K, the company closed down, the unemployment. All this for the SEO industry, cast a huge shadow, the controversy of the wind is increasingly fierce, industry experts began the prophecy, practitioners also began restless. Is this really the end of the SEO industry? Is it a ridiculous prophecy, or is it just as if you believe that the end of 2012 and the end of 2012SEO will be the same?


China was deeply influenced by traditional culture, believe that the law of things development, website like life, also will pass the children, youth, middle-aged, elderly, if one day, unfortunately, halfway, then congratulations, your station was K. I believe that many webmaster will say that I have problems, the site was K, you also congratulate me?. However, I would like to say that the K is the site, rather than the whole career, or life. Don’t you borrow it,



alert as a warning for the future.

adjustment of Baidu, in addition to their own interests, is to improve the user experience, improve the quality of the website ranking, delete spam site (of course, does not rule out the program accidentally deleted, individual industry manual intervention), it is hard to imagine a junior high school education website, the emergence of a large number of Adult supplies, adult network television and advertising words an article, the article was a lot of games do not know the so-called character name occupied. Or open a novel website, pop up 10 inexplicable office role attractive advertising. Such sites should be K, which has deviated from the information and value provided by the site itself. A site that does not serve the user and does not have a user experience does not exist. However, you will say, I passed a lot of hard original articles, many readable content, but some more mass outside the chain, was K, too wronged, it means you too utilitarian, and always counterproductive.

SEO is only part of the optimization

SEO in the station site structure, TITLE, keywords, description, chain, or reaction link, outside the station included, rankings, weight and so on, are just a part of the web site optimization, and more important is your website itself value, to provide users with experience and value. I believe that the arrival of the era of WEB3.0, a PV high volume, high return, high volume share website, his ranking will be very high. In the site optimization process, you can use all of the SEO strategy, but please note that a degree, the value is the vitality of the site.

how to improve the value of the site?

The value of the

site is a big concept, and I use an example to illustrate briefly if you