Following the

before a high school student Admin5 first month fetched 50 thousand posts, today we come to this site analysis.

post, click to reach 7000 times, the author QQ has also been added no less than 120 times. Many QQ friends asked to open the site, here simply announced the site. Web site address is

when you go to check this site PR, very disappointed just for the 1 ALEX world ranking is also very late, but why can get a monthly advertising of 50 thousand?

The reason for

is in a "clever" word. Primitive capital accumulation is naked. The same is true of the internet.

because you want to, as an educational site, although ZF does not allow individuals to do, but what is his advertising group?. And these institutions are put on a considerable amount of advertising costs each year to promote enrollment.

second: College unit advertising and overseas training institutions is what people? They understand how the site rankings? They only know that the web page layout is good, is the atmosphere, to catch up with SOHU, a good OK, advertising hand. This you can say some what? They never go to check your PR is the number of the chain is the number of ALEX is the number of IP today is long or less which is derived from the search engine user browsing accuracy is much.. they won’t spend a moment to think about these issues.

as for the ads on the site of the customer, they are how to find this site?. Now there are a lot of key words in front of the site. You look at the Baidu (Shandong college entrance examination scores 08 years) to see, the first row of the annual college entrance examination after the search for the key words and how many? Shandong college entrance examination and how many?

that’s why.

and what can you say about that? Anger? Frustration?

has received a lot of customers after the college advertising, there is a certain amount of money to accumulate, we simply really opened up the nature of the company, engage in regular business. In this way, we can use the formal process to operate the invoice, etc.. When we make the first 50 thousand of the time, we actually found that one of them, we did not go to check their own site PR is how much ALEXA is how much.

in this article before the start of the article, if we put the site address in the above, it will at least give the site with 3000 reverse links. This undoubtedly has a good effect on the site. But the Internet this bathhouse, finally not everyone can wash.