in the previous articles I have been told that social media is an excellent platform for event marketing, and event marketing, cannot do without having the spread of topics that how to choose the topic? What kind of topic is the spread of


first of all, can be an occasion to hot events.

For example, some time ago "

" If You Are The One "Deputy township was all pro looks off" events, can be said to be a classic event marketing case. Careful planning and ongoing follow-up topic is the key to success, but the "vice mayor of concern about the incident quickly soared high, cannot do without a hot spot occurred over the same period: the national civil service exam enrollment record high. Here you should understand, "" the "If You Are The One vice mayor" was off events just appeared in public opinion on the "civil service" the most attention, this nature is not accidental. If you can successfully use hot events, even if the topic usually poor communication may bring unexpected results.


can take advantage of the high degree of social problems.

can use hot events in nature is a good thing, but the high degree of attention to social issues, to create their own topic, also can borrow the excellent choice of potential. What are the issues of high social concern, such as "the gap between rich and poor", "food safety", "moral decline", "foreign relations" and so on. Here can give you an example, this year Wuhan East Lake peony festival has just opened, there is a news on the media headlines, and caused great repercussions of the Internet users, that is "Wuhan Peony Festival: 4 flower price Green Peony by tourists secretly cut off". Although the news began to introduce one of these expensive peony removed is not worth a hair low quality part of the tourists, condemned, but more space is used to introduce the peony festival of the time and place of the ticket price, and so on, is obviously a soft. This is a use of social attention in the "moral decline" to create the topic, no matter how the subsequent landing, only the headlines day effect, enough to make the peony festival full.

in addition, there is a topic of great communication, that is, humor and spoof.

humor has spread of natural, natural needless to say. Focus on spoof, spoof is the product of the development of the Internet, but also a unique phenomenon of the internet. Since the event marketing can not be separated from the social media, and social media based on the existence of the Internet, the spoof is that we can not avoid the. "There are a lot of cases, such as CCTV this year" China police "documentary" walk on "Zuckerberg, let the documentary’s attention turned several times. For example, this year is very busy Du Fu and Yuan Fang, almost swept the entire network, a cultural phenomenon. If you can skillfully use the Internet Kuso culture, ready to create a very popular topic. Do not you see, the party newspaper asked Yuan Fang how to see


said the use of "social problems" and "spoof", I have to digress then speaking about marketing people ">