my station from 2009.5.18 officially opened, the opening time, their enthusiasm, determined to make the station in, and set the target to within two months, the flow of more than 300, so every day I keep updating, as much as possible to do the original, at least to the original,

in this way, BAIDU soon included my station, at the beginning of the site was included, there is no ranking, when the flow from BAIDU is very poor, a few. But I think it’s a matter of time.

hard work pays off, in June 10th to get up early in the morning, see yesterday’s statistics, as a result of a miracle, flow over several times, more than my 300IP I really did not think so fast, the mood was very very happy, even happier than do that thing with my girlfriend.

I looked at the rankings, the main keywords in sixth. Unfortunately, No. 6.12 check the good times don’t last long, traffic flow, lost half of depressed death, and then go to check the ranking, ranking fell into the two page, I didn’t know how you feel may be their rivals too strong, who knows. To June 18th, ranking dropped to third pages, which is really depressed, the basic flow back to the original dozens.

this is really experienced IP change radically (though only seems to fall to 3 digits to 2 digits, but for me, the mood is also change radically) increased with the increase of IP and IP, and lost with the fall. The highest time IP did 400 every day, that time is not happy, and now the mood fell to the bottom of the mood……

after the big backward, I always feel that the personal webmaster want to learn to bear all this, IP suffer from high to low blow, don’t put your own website to give up, to keep learning and individual owners should be met, the reason for the cause, an antidote against the disease.

BAIDU this time I stand right down, I can only take the following action, put my station back

1 content quality

every day to write the original article and quality to pass, the only way to better improve the site weight.

2 the reasonable development of the chain

do friendship connection, put an end to junk connection, reasonable development, even every two days to send an article to the A5 to increase external links.

learning so long to do stand, my experience always do stand on the 3 most important, SEO foundation + high quality content + reasonable external connection, do three aspects, the website will have a good ranking.