said Tencent micro-blog in fact I also considered it a few days again soon, because of the increase of Tencent micro-blog’s audience is also mouchangqing master apprentice to the first introduction to task. It’s a great honor to be his apprentice. So for me on this task special attention, of course, for micro-blog itself own operation, and not so strange, I just be teacher decided to complete the micro-blog audience 500+ scared before 17, because their original large use for a long time the audience were less than 800. It is not difficult to stand


if at this point in the six days to allow you to increase to 500+ if you can not stand a little bit is not know how to operate, and some even escape. In fact, the operation in today’s audience has been 2000+ far more than the teacher’s task. Words not to say, how I do


first I registered a new Tencent micro-blog, I put almost all the information can be updated to write very detailed. Including the name of our head and, in which I am to the future development of micro-blog no changes to the beauty head head and the like, are not going to want to go play the edge ball and yellow. In this there are a lot of division brothers is to use this technique to operate, attractive from the head, which we can learn from.

the first step of the operation did not say particularly difficult, know that some sites should also be aware of the promotion of some personal information on the authenticity of the importance of your future development. On the day after receiving the task, a few senior their result is very good, some have reached 500+, that is to say it in a few hours it has completed the task master. I carefully looked at the way they operate, for each of their listeners have done a careful analysis. The problem was I found, most of them in front of the audience there is a sign of the # # brigade to listen to each other is this thing, we analyze each brigade which are listening to what kind of person? This part of the crowd is to want to get more audience and a group of topics in a short period of time. Note that some people have found the user group, so I began to find each other to listen to the topic of the brigade, asked to listen to each other. The effect is really good ah, in a relatively short period of time my audience has indeed increased a lot, but they did not rise so fast.

Because each

brothers see others rise and everyone will not admit defeat, I found a problem. Since their audience is basically from the brigade to listen to each other, and will listen to his at least that these groups is more active, why don’t I listen to the Shixiongdimen audience directly? Is indeed a good idea, I soon audience for directly to, and also attract people’s attention. This is what I did on the first day of the task to complete the operation of the audience’s 800+ approach.

tip: careful friends may find that there is a problem: we are in the Tencent’s micro-blog audience will have a daily >