was forced to refund after payment of alleged fraud Taobao

buyers 50 percent off after the payment of a full refund of the purchase, Taobao said, may be a business reply is wrong, said the lawyer is a unilateral breach of business

newspaper news (reporter Shi Minglei) "November 11, 2011", this is known as the "century day" day, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) launched the "double 11 online shopping carnival".

yesterday, Mr Zhu found a number of buyers, 50 percent off of the payment of goods bought by businesses are the activities, "the seller has not received the goods delivery, the buyer cancel orders," in fact I didn’t receive the goods." Zhu believes that Taobao and businesses are fraudulent consumers.

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users encounter forced refund

Zhu said, 11 am at about 8 am, he was in the Taobao mall good children’s official flagship store to select a stroller, the original price of $909, only $464.5 in the event, the price is very cost-effective."

then, Mr. Zhu to use a credit card payment, "do not worry whether the purchase is successful, I am still at noon and 7 p.m. specifically to see the two order" show "the buyer has to pay for the seller shipped".

8:30 that night, when Mr. Zhu once again, found that the order has become a refund processing, refund type is the seller has been shipped, the buyer did not receive the goods, a full refund".

"the reason is obviously false." Mr. Zhu angrily said, no one gave him the goods.

yesterday, the cart page shows that the price has become 647 yuan.

reporter found, Mr. Zhu’s experience is not the case, "Mizuki community" forum, have encountered the same problem users reflect shopping at Taobao.

prompts that "partial orders are abnormal"

yesterday morning, Mr. Zhu call good children official flagship store asked about the matter.

business, said the order was canceled due to the failure of the Taobao system caused by the need to contact Taobao solution.

"I am a transaction with you, and this is a problem that should be coordinated by the entrepreneur and Taobao, not by our customers." Mr. Zhu questioned merchants.

then, Mr. Zhu called Taobao mall, the customer service phone voice has become "rising by consumers shopping enthusiasm, a large influx of buyers shopping mall transactions, resulting in part of the order is abnormal, please understanding consumers."

customer service personnel after the inquiry order number, said Mr. Zhu buy cart color missing, resulting in the transaction can not continue.

this argument, Mr. Zhu does not agree with, I have to pay for the delivery of the".

for the reason that the seller has delivered the goods, the buyer has not received the goods