in the last article, [don’t make money selling ten billion explore business development of domestic electronic (a)] I talked about the rapid rise of an e-commerce company, annual sales reached 10 billion by financing, but the user share only in the competition has always insisted on the low-cost strategy, even if the annual sales reached 10 billion. Do not make money.

support in the capital, Jingdong mall with low-cost strategy to seize the market, quickly bigger, boarded the first B2C e-commerce market share of the throne. However, the market is a battlefield, Jingdong mall gained lots of applause, also attracted more pursuers look at fiercely as a tiger does footsteps, CEO Liu Qiangdong is on pins and needles, wary of any potential crisis, because a little inattentive, finally lay the foundation may fall apart. Recently Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong recently flew around Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, Chengdu…… In these places, Liu Qiangdong basically in the work of one thing: to buy land, build a house.

you may think it is strange to Jingdong mall to enter the real estate, in fact, Jingdong mall is spent 3 billion for the construction of the Treasury, he wants to build their own logistics system. 3 billion, for an annual sales of billions of dollars is not profitable companies, not a small figure. The money will be used to buy land and build warehouses. To the end of 2010, to build 50 logistics base. Liu Qiangdong is so generous to spend money to buy land, build a house, a wrong judgment in 2008 when the financial crisis causes.

in the 2008 financial crisis period, he believes that the needs of users will not increase in the short term, we decided to stop the logistics personnel recruitment, the unexpected is the Jingdong during the financial crisis still orders per month to maintain a growth rate of 30%, resulting in logistics overload, parcels sent out, so customer service also paralyzed. To handle customer service, finance has paralyzed, the chain almost most of the operations are in a state of paralysis. The entire user all burst, on the Internet, in various forums, Jingdong’s own forum where all the messages in the curse. Delivery, customer service, financial emergency emergency emergency, a series of chain reaction force Jingdong announced: the mall orders over logistics capacity, suggest anxious users to other sites to buy goods. A lot of people think that Liu Qiangdong is crazy, how can the user into the arms of competitors to send it?

Liu Qiangdong said: "we are the heart in the blood, also very painful and uncomfortable." During that time, Liu Qiangdong was very tired, the psychological pressure is very large. Logistics paralysis, resulting in the loss of 20% of Jingdong mall loyal old customers. Moreover, one after another exposed, but also more than this problem. Jingdong outsourcing logistics often out of the state: for example, delivery is too slow, the goods sent to Fujian, Heilongjiang, laptop into a brick, telephone complaints steady.

they are at all costs, do everything possible, but can not do.

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