every reporter Xie Zhenyu river but from Sichuan Renshou, Chengdu

and to a year of "Shiranuhi" (commonly known as "ugly orange") listed season, red bayberry looks a bit worried. As one of the people in Sichuan County, Renshou County, one of the people do not know the fire cooperatives, she would like to know, how to find a better market for the fruit to be listed in the market in Meishan.

December 21st, the Jingdong group and Sichuan the county government "to carry out rural e-commerce cooperation signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the county became the first pilot county countryside village Jingdong signed the" spark pilot ".

according to the "daily economic news" reporter at the scene, the Jingdong will use its existing logistics system, the various aspects of cooperation with the county government, exploring the industrial countryside and agricultural town ", namely" into a "model. Yangmei and other local cooperatives hope to get on the rural electricity supplier on the express, broaden the market for agricultural products.

electricity supplier giant has long coveted the rural market, and action frequently. Whether it is a "Jingdong whitewashers tide", or Ali held a magistrate conference, is to accelerate the channel sink, for the rural market. Although the rural electricity supplier staking movement has been like a raging fire, but really sink to the township is crossed more threshold, such as quality control, which is the electricity supplier giants in the issue of exploring.

"spark pilot first Sichuan

two months earlier, is the love of fruit fruit (a local fruit varieties) sales season, Bayberry and her cooperatives have the electricity supplier sales experience.

Yangmei said that although the price of online sales, higher profits, but the amount is very small, the whole community sold a total of 50 thousand ~6 million, but only sold a few thousand dollars online, the traditional wholesale is still the main way. Next, the ugly orange large market, "the ugly orange last year for a total of 4 million pounds, the output value of nearly 60 million yuan, she hopes to pass the electricity supplier to expand sales, to sell a better price.

and Yangmei, Renshou County, many agricultural cooperatives hope to find the key to open the electricity supplier, the door to solve the agricultural market.

December 21st, the county became the first Jingdong in the countryside village sign "spark pilot". Daily economic news reporter learned at the scene, there are more than a dozen representatives of the local cooperatives. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement, the Jingdong will renshoucounty, construction of Jingdong service center, improve the rural distribution system, rural cooperative recruitment point, support business platform and traditional business enterprises, the establishment of the five aspects of large home appliances, Jingdong to help service stores, explore the mode of industrial countryside.

in addition, the Jingdong said, through the powerful logistics system to help the local advantage products go to five aspects including the opening of online data, financial support and other specialty shop, to explore the mode of agricultural products both benefit.

Jingdong stakeholders told reporters that the reason why the first rural e-commerce pilot counties in Sichuan >