vigorous electricity supplier 618 days to promote the past, if the double is Tmall to create a shopping spree for consumers, then the 618 is the electricity supplier for Jingdong’s birthday and prepare an electricity supplier party. This year, the 618 electricity supplier dispute has exceeded the intensity of last year’s Tmall double shopping Carnival of eleven. Last year, eleven pairs of Tmall is basically a busy, consumers simply buy the target goods on Tmall. The 618 year is the fierce collision between Jingdong, Tesco, Cuba and Tmall, consumers need to compare prices in different electricity supplier website, which allow consumers too busy.

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, the first quarter of this year, the Jingdong store market further solid, half of the country with 50.1% of the market to occupy the domestic market self B2C. In addition, including the platform B2C, Jingdong’s market share has reached 22.7%, further narrowing the gap between Tmall and. Jingdong in the mall this maternal and book market have also made billions of dollars monthly sales results, in the main business 3C home appliances market has maintained a growth rate of 200%. In the first quarter of this year, the Jingdong of the business at the "flower", but after entering the second quarter, the Jingdong is the most intense ever commercial campaigns, and Jingdong 618 anniversary of the battle field to intense.

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, the biggest competitor Jingdong should be, Gome and Amazon Chinese Kuba business model and Jingdong, because the pattern of several major electricity supplier giants closer, while Tmall is focused on development of electronic business platform. But Jingdong has been self-employed B2C industry leader, and far ahead, so Jingdong can only target opponents locked in Tmall. Jingdong by hot attracted Tmall’s strong counterattack, and at the same time,, the United States Jingdong to catch up Kuba mall electricity providers to increase investment, the Jingdong caught fighting business giants siege. Jingdong 618 anniversary is by far the biggest battle in a Jingdong, from the published data, the Jingdong has withstood the siege of the pressure, have been successfully break through.


mall 618 anniversary day once again set a sales record, create a valid all day long 1 million 500 thousand orders, turnover of 1 billion 16 million of the best one-day sales performance. According to the Jingdong announced data show that the activities of the day 3C market, 30 thousand units, 5000 Taiwan machine computer assembling machine, sold 1000 units in the super computer, computer accessories sales in a single day increase of 300%; the router, U disk and other single product sales exceeded 100 thousand; mobile phone sales of over 100 thousand, camera sales of over 15 thousand units. Home appliance market compared to last year, an increase of 5 times, sold more than 32 inch color TV sets of more than 50 inches over 5000 units, more than 50 thousand fans, in addition to air conditioners, refrigerators are more than 10000 units. Jingdong in the general merchandise market also performed well, clothing category increased by 200%;