is for commercial applications of e-commerce and Internet marketing popularization, the development of domestic and international e-commerce at the speed of seventy percent per year growth, so the commercial form of e-commerce is not the problem of restructuring, but immediately turn and how to turn the problem.

A phenomenon resulting from the

is, a lot of e-commerce platform, such as industry B2B e-commerce platform, B2B platform vertical e-commerce platform, C2C e-commerce platform, B2B2C e-commerce platform, is fast, and quickly occupied the regional market and industry market segments.

, of course, other forms of Internet companies are also starting to business e-commerce field, such as search engine business, integrated portal commercialization and pan commercialization trend other kinds of Internet application platform is obvious. The search engine to enter the commercial market is as everyone knows things, even the game field, is also free under the banner of doing the transformation and try some advertising affinity.

this is a trend worthy of our relief. The rise of a new industry formats, must have the application of universal participation and social participation in two states may enter the mature form.

in the observation of the development of the whole industry, as well as the electronic commerce network of members in our society, analysis of user behavior and network platform to Baina function in the design process, the deep reasons we summed up some common problems and analyses the realistic environment caused by. That is, given the low level competition utilitarian mentality and industry social business environment, and lack of overall strength and dominance of e-commerce platform for the industry, only the customer tendency caused by the entire industry, while ignoring the real industry should serve these enterprises is a member of the customer, which is resource users and end consumers.

from a strategic perspective, the Internet e-commerce platform, its strategic objectives should be positioned to provide consumers with a convenient, credit, low cost and high stability of a consumer channel. The corresponding aspect is, at the same time to provide goods or services for the vendors to build a convenient, low-cost, efficient and long-term stable marketing platform.

of course, both from the business process design and implementation, is not absolute opposition, but not completely divided into the implementation of. Should be a synchronous design, simultaneous implementation, loop optimization and spiral up the long process. Their ultimate goal is the same, and the benefits are at stake. Only multi win, it is possible to make a commercial form to ensure sustainable development.

mentioned above on e-commerce platform for the industry or service industry, there are quick and only the tendency of customers, mainly in the following aspects:

1: functional design and services are too concerned about the ease of use and surface stickiness of these corporate members. If there are a number of enterprises to promote the sale of the so-called network marketing software, a software inside a lot of aggregation of the Internet platform, with mass and automatic injection of the way to flicker and >