the past 2010, e-commerce is fast for a year.

whether it is self-contained, very influential B2C mode B2B mode, or C2C mode gradually, electronic payment has a huge space for development, e-commerce market in 2010 is a highlight of the economic development of the market! Summary electronic commerce this year is a year of rapid development, opportunities and challenges of the year, have milepost significance of the year


check 2010, outlook 2011! Hope e-commerce development momentum in 2011 still could become 2011 stride forward singing militant songs, but the protagonist, or otherwise force out, let’s wait and see who will be the 2011 leading Internet


inventory: B2B

represents the enterprise: Alibaba

representative: Ma


The Alibaba

Group Chairman and CEO, in addition, Ma also served as director and President of Softbank group, China board of directors of YAHOO Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization member, business advisory committee, Dean of the Business School of Hangzhou Normal University Alibaba Huayi Brothers media group director.

on behalf of enterprises: Dunhuang network

representative: Wang Shutong


Dunhuang network ceo. She served as marketing service manager and career development manager at Microsoft, Microsoft’s youngest executive in China, and she became the biggest online video store in China when she was a CEO in excellence. 2004, she founded the e-commerce site Dunhuang network.

industry interpretation:

B2B model from the system: China currently has more than 4200 small and medium enterprises, small and medium enterprises of China’s contribution to the economy is close to 60%, affecting the direction of China’s economy. Alibaba, Dunhuang network company will own strategic goals at this market.

2010, Alibaba continue to maintain stable development momentum, has aroused widespread concern in the media and Internet users with YAHOO’s stake in the dispute, "Jonathan dispute" has become one of the 2010 important topics of electronic commerce industry.

From 2010

, China’s B2B development environment, foreign trade economy slow growth domestic rapid economic improvement, the overall good macro environment. From the perspective of the overall performance of e-commerce, enterprises continue to operate in the domestic measures to continue to enhance the experience of B2B e-commerce, improve the quality of service. At the same time, foreign trade oriented enterprises in the development of B2B to increase investment in the domestic market, such as the establishment of the Dunhuang network in Southern China base in Shenzhen, and plans to invest 100 million yuan in the next two years.

inventory two: B2C