Ali recently shot frequently. For his years of painstaking efforts of the electricity supplier industry, Ali had to finally come to the road of reform. As a leading provider of electricity providers, Ali’s long-term goal, turned out to be the electricity supplier to become the integration of the Internet industry chain. Here, Ali realized that the expansion of the size of the market, the key point is that the magnitude of the merchandise discount, as well as the degree of pleasure in the consumer shopping process, the integration of the industry chain, it is to enhance these two points.


great company took a road to reform, in fact, this road, in fact, also has a forerunner, wisdom in the bid have. To say that the wisdom of the bid (, may be a lot of people do not know. It is the first entertainment e-commerce shopping website in china. In the electronic commerce website innumerable today, metrich go the one and only entertainment in the way of bid, and adhere to the essential attribute of high discount goods.


Chi in high discount bid, from the original "bid treasure" gameplay, bid treasure rule is that all the goods, starting price is 0 yuan, everyone who wants to buy bid, a virtual currency, will consume treasure, commodity prices rose 1 cents. 10 seconds without anyone else bid, goods are sold at the time the price of the last bid treasure. Therefore, commodity prices can be stabilized at ninety percent off of the original price.


wisdom in the entertainment bid, derived from the stimulation of bid treasure play, and the structure of the product line. Intense stimulation of the bid treasure process, so that each one of them into the adrenaline rush. Wisdom in the bid on the basis of this, the more unique to add a large number of shopping cash card, the introduction of a large number of shopping cash card, the shopping freedom returned to the user, and shopping card in the transfer point of view, than the physical commodity has a lower rate of depreciation. This makes the whole bid treasure links more entertaining and a sense of surprise.


Ali in the reform, chi in bid in advance, the electronic commerce pattern, has gradually come to a bottleneck, the capital operation does not necessarily bring high returns to capital, on the contrary, standing in the user perspective to continuously develop innovative, the most consistent with the user process node senses, is the development of the e-commerce the road. This, Ali do, Zhi also have to do in bid.