1, shop introduction

shop is a lot of customers will be on the column. Because the beginning of contact with this shop, to get the store information can only start from here. But often go to Taobao users will find that a lot of shops in this column is very simple to write, even if all the reading is still do not understand the store. So if you want to win these customers, you should think about how to write. Can consider their own advantage, or store real pictures put up, it will receive very good results.

2, the use of Google and other search engines to promote.

a lot of users mistakenly believe that the Internet can not search the information of the Taobao shop, in fact, Taobao only screened Baidu, and did not shield Google, YAHOO search engine.

3, to actively participate in activities organized by Taobao.

Taobao sponsored by a variety of promotional activities are the trust of users, so these activities to make good use of.

4, make good use of Taobao customers can make traffic soared

now Taobao has reached hundreds of thousands of people, if your shop can launch a high commission, and the price of competitive products, will make the shop’s views have been significantly improved. You can look at the TBW women’s taobao.com column, you can know their Taobao customer commissions are very high, so users are willing to their stores to promote women, which further pulled up shop sales.

5, multi mixed Taobao forum

no matter which forum, pure advertising posts are difficult to survive. You can go to the Taobao forum to see those popular posts. They are the characteristics of those experience posts, share posts. Only the post does have value, will attract a high amount of browsing, will be helpful to store sales.

6, we must pay attention to the construction of customer service team

no matter how good publicity, through customer service to complete the purchase. Low quality customer service team is undoubtedly harmful. After a lot of stores bigger, customer service issues lag, resulting in stagnant sales of stores. Therefore, how to train the customer service to politely shopping guide, to deal with the problem is particularly important.

7, to build the store brand

in the final analysis, their strength is the most important. This relates to the problem of how to build the brand shop. The construction of brand shop is a long process, specific methods can refer to build brand stores, taobao.com TBW teach you a trick.

Author: TBW Taobao (http://s.53530.cn). Reprint please indicate the source.